CalCal for your business: Restaurants and Takeaways


Takeaways, Restaurants and Catering

Break your accounting into bite-sized chunks

      • With CalCal you can:
      • Estimate your tax position at any time.
      • Snap your expense receipts with the mobile app.
      • Send your self-assessment and VAT returns.
      • Automatically generate and email professional invoices.
      • MTD-VAT Return: Track VAT you owe / reclaim, and submit.

Tailored for your catering business

CalCal comes ready set up for you.

Track your suppliers’ payments and balances.

Record your materials, equipment repairs, cleaning costs and mileage costs as expenses.

We empower you to do your accounting for yourself, without needing to know any
accounting jargon. This can cut your costs and save you money. The tasks your accountant
would do are broken down into bite size amounts just the way you like it. Just jot down your
daily dealings using the Calendar based system. It is very intuitive and everything is always
in one place. It’s really that simple.

CalCal is set up ready for your expenses - things like
- Materials (oil, meat, veg, drinks, etc.)
- Delivery costs
- Mileage allowance or individual motor expenses
- Cleaning and hygiene
- Rent
- License fees
- Marketing and advertising

But of course you can always add more; simply search in the expense entry boxes.

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Simple calendar-based accounting for a catering business

[Limited*]Customers, suppliers, assets
[Most]Downloadable PDF reports
[Trial]Drag-and-drop bank import
[Reports only] VAT

*Subject to change; currently 25 customers, 5 suppliers, 5 assets



For sole traders and limited companies

✔ Customer invoices, statements, supplier debt tracking

✔ Snap and save receipts on our mobile app

✔ Track assets with capital allowances

✔ Sync bank transactions automatically

Sole traders:

✔ Send your Self-Assessment straight from CalCal*

*On monthly, min. 3 months membership to unlock


with VAT

For sole traders and limited companies

⬅ ALL of the non-VAT features, PLUS

✔ VAT returns straight to HMRC

✔ MTD (Making Tax Digital) customers supported