CalCal for your business: Mechanics



Look after your clients and their cars, don't waste time doing paperwork

      • With CalCal you can:
      • • Automatically generate and email/print professional invoices
        • Snap and store your expense receipts
        • Estimate your tax position in advance
        • Drag and drop transactions from your bank and record them into your accounts
        • Pre-filled Self-Assessment and submit to HMRC directly
        • Quickly review your cash flow and tax positions

Tailored for your machanic business

CalCal comes ready set up for you.

Record your parts expenses, clothing, and bills.

Keep track of what you owe your suppliers, so you won't be caught out by unexpected invoices.
Keep track of your customers, and send them reminder statements easily.

Add your equipment as assets and claim tax allowances on them simply and easily.

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Simple calendar-based accounting for a machanic business

[Limited*]Customers, suppliers, assets
[Most]Downloadable PDF reports
[Trial]Drag-and-drop bank import
[Reports only] VAT

*Subject to change; currently 25 customers, 5 suppliers, 5 assets



For sole traders and limited companies

✔ Customer invoices, statements, supplier debt tracking

✔ Snap and save receipts on our mobile app

✔ Track assets with capital allowances

✔ Sync bank transactions automatically

Sole traders:

✔ Send your Self-Assessment straight from CalCal*

*On monthly, min. 3 months membership to unlock


with VAT

For sole traders and limited companies

⬅ ALL of the non-VAT features, PLUS

✔ VAT returns straight to HMRC

✔ MTD (Making Tax Digital) customers supported