CalCal – just right for your business

Tailored for your business

Search for your trade or business type when signing up and we will kick start your CalCal experience

Tailored for you

You’ll have a small list of expense types already there for you.

Spent on something new? Your personal expense categories will grow with you.
Start typing the kind of expense and CalCal will search our comprehensive list of keywords to suggest the right category. Next time, it’ll be right there in the dropdown for you.

If you’re taxi driver, for example, it’s unlikely you record the names of all your customers. That’s fine, as long as they paid you in full, with CalCal there’s no need. In fact, for some businesses, the Customers feature is switched off by default.

Maybe you’re a florist and want to let a customer pay you later. Simple: Just enter the amount, type the customer’s name and CalCal will let you put it as part paid. Right there.
Add an address later if you want, and send them a reminder statement.

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