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Your return is automatically checked for errors before you send it, with notification that it's been accepted within 10 seconds.

Self-employed? CalCal will automatically fill in your tax return.

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3 Simple Steps

Your Details

Enter your basic details required by HMRC.
Have your forms pre-filled

Your Figures

Put your sales & expense figures, and add any other necessary forms.


See your calculation, add attachments (if any), and submit. Done!

Making Tax Simple for Self-Employed

Use our simplified form to pre-fill your SA103

Enter your expenses as one figure, or as expense types adapted to your business. Then just check through your forms and submit!

In most cases, you won't have to make any other changes

- CalCal will fill in your tax return for you!


"I am quite impressed with your service. I will be recommending you to others. Good job. Cheers!"

- F.D. from Southwest France

Non-resident Tax Returns

SA109 and other forms

CalCal's Self-Assessment submission includes the NRD (Residence, Remittance Basis) SA109 schedule, along with any other forms you need to add:

UK Property, Trusts, Capital Gains, etc

Do I Need This?

You usually have to pay tax on your UK income even if you're not a UK resident. Income includes things like pension, rental income, savings interest, wages.

Some people who are resident and have a domicile outside in the UK can also fill in the SA109 to use the remittance basis

See more details on HMRC's website.

Checked and validated

Any problems or missed boxes will be highlighted as you go through your forms, so you can have the confidence in knowing that when you do submit your return, it will be valid.
Open your detailed calculation (SA302) at any point to see how it's been figured out.

"I am quite impressed with your service. I will be recommending you to others. Good job. Cheers!”

F.D. from Southwest France

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Clear and simple


Check not only your calculation, but all your submission answers in one place.
Then submit.

"As it turns out I realized there is an app, so I downloaded that on my iPad, and managed to submit my return, quick and easy."


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Easy forms


Self-assessment forms can be taxing - we know that.
CalCal has developed a new interface for the 2020 tax return, available on the web and on our mobile app, with simple forms that show the parts you need.

“ I am quite impressed with your service. I will be recommending you to others. Good job. Cheers!”

F.D. From Southwest France

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Helpful Tips


We're constantly adding to our help articles and links to aid your self-assessment process.
If you do have problems, you can use our live chat feature to get in touch. While we can't give you tax advice, our customer support folks will be happy to point you in the right direction.

“ I am quite impressed with your service. I will be recommending you to others. Good job. Cheers!”

S.W. from Novotech LTD

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which forms does CalCal support?

You will likely only need to submit a couple of forms, but should you need any more, CalCal supports the forms indicated below:



    • SA100 - Individual Tax Return

SA101 - Additional Information schedules

SA102 - Employment

SA103S - Self-employment (short, if below VAT threshold)

SA103F - Self-employment (longer, if above VAT threshold)

SA104 - Partnerships

SA105 - UK Property Income

SA106 - Foreign Income or Gains

SA107 - Trusts

SA108 - Capital Gains

SA110 - Your Calculation

SA109 - Non-residents / domiciles and remittance basis


What else can CalCal do?

See what CalCal Complete can do for you if you're self-employed