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See your cash flow and income

Profit, tax, cashflow, expense charts are all on your dashboard
Latest customers are right there – send reminders and invoices, or simply add income and expenses

Record your ins and outs

Simple receipts and expenses
Take pictures of receipts to save having to enter amounts
Send invoices and statements to customers
Check supplier debts
Contact customers and suppliers

See reports, send VAT

View and print a range of reports
See your tax position
View your MTD VAT payments and obligations
Send your VAT returns

See how it works

The dashboard screen contains:

  • Profit and loss
    – each tax year’s turnover and expenses, as well as your estimated tax
    – tap a box to find out more
  • Cash flow – money in and out by month
  • Latest customer
    – tap a customer to be taken to their details
    – tap the menu icon to send a quick invoice or reminder
  • Expense types
    – what you’ve spent money on
  • Balances

The people screen contains:

  • Directory of your customers and suppliers
  • Import from your phone’s contacts
  • Send messages and call from the app
  • Make invoices for a supplier, send statements

The calendar daily entries screen:

  • See all your ins, outs and transfers on a simple calendar
  • Add a simple expense with or without a supplier
    – swipe from the right anywhere in the app to use the camera
  • Add simple takings with or without a customer
  • Create new customers and suppliers while entering transactions without having to set them up first


  • PDF reports to view, download, print and share:
    – Takings, expenses, transactions filtered by date
    – Assets and tax capital allowances (calculated for you)
    – Profit and loss with budgets and targets
    – MTD VAT view and submission
    – Tax forecast with three different calculations to help you plan

MTD VAT in an app?

Yes, that’s right. Sign up, connect, view and submit – on the go from anywhere with Internet.

  • See your submitted returns
  • Print VAT reports
  • See your current liability
  • Submit VAT returns
  • See payments and liabilities
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You can sign up for our free level from the web or in the app. But signing up for the unlimited subscription is more expensive from within the app, since Google or Apple take a cut.

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