How can I add a Credit Note to my Daily Entries?

QuestionsCategory: Entering TransactionsHow can I add a Credit Note to my Daily Entries?
btheb asked 7 years ago

Hello CalCal, can you give me a suggestion?
I have returned some goods to one of my suppliers. They provided me with a Credit Note. How do I put this on my Daily Entries?
FYI: I have only partially returned goods, so I don’t want to delete the original entry from my expenses. And I don’t want to modify the entry because it needs to correspond with the invoice from that supplier.
I’m looking forward to your suggestions.

1 Answers
support Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi btheb,
For this purpose we have made it possible to add minus figures in Expenses. So simply go to your Daily Entries and Add Expense and enter the amount on the Credit Nota as a negative amount.

use minus figure to add Credit Note in Expenses on DE