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RaCH asked 7 years ago

Since updating my tablet to Android Oreo I can’t log in to CalCal. The webpage crashes on attempting to log in.
I’ve tried different Chrome versions, all give similar error message.

  • Chrome 60.0.3112.116
  • Chrome Beta 62.0.3202.29
  • Chrome Canary 63.0.3222.0

How can I access my accounts on my tablet again?

2 Answers
support Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi RaCH,
We are aware of this issue. For the moment you can use CalCal on your tablet by activating a setting in your Chrome browser: Request desktop site.
Request desktop site

This solution currently works to Log In and Sign Up on Android Oreo 8.0.0

support Staff answered 7 years ago

We have updated and tested our website.

Our Log In page and Sign Up page are fully functional on Android 8.0.0

If you run into any issue again on your webbrowser, please let us know.