Your dashboard lets you see important info at a glance. You can also link to various parts of the app from here.

The dashboard view on the web app

Profit and Loss

Your turnover, expenses and pre-tax profit are displayed here. Click on a tax year to select the year for your profit, tax position and expense categories dashboards

Try clicking on one of the items and you will be taken to a more detailed report.

Cash Flow Chart

See your cash flow (how much money you’ve actually received / spent) by week.

Latest Customers

A list of your last 5 customer transactions. 
Click a customer’s name to go straight to their details in the ‘Customers’ screen. There you can auto-create invoices for them or send them a reminder.


Here is a chart of your expenses, by type.

Move your mouse over an expense to see the total spent this tax year, and how much of that has been paid.


Here is a summary of your most important account balances. Click on a balance to see its breakdown. To return to the main page , click on Dashboard on the top of left side bar.


This shows your estimated tax position up to now. Click on it to see more details on a new page, including forecast profit and its tax for the year end. Click on Dashboard at the top left side bar to back to the main page.

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