Transactions Reports

You can view transaction records under the ‘Transactions’ tab here.

You can view, print and download all your transactions for different periods. To do this: Select a period from the ‘For Period’ dropdown list.
You can also sort the information by clicking on the column headings. 

All Transactions

This section shows a list of all transactions made both in and out of the business for the tax year selected above.
To sort this information click on the column titles (date, desc, amount, etc.)

Bank Transactions

See transactions filtered by bank account. You can add all your bank accounts to CalCal; any paid or received money must be allocated either to a bank account or cash ‘pot’.

CalCal will try to keep up with the balance of your accounts, and if you’ve added all your transactions correctly, the ‘sub-balance’ column should agree with your bank statements.

Don’t forget, you can use our Bank Import feature to import your bank transactions automatically!

Cash Transactions

See cash transactions you have entered into CalCal. Like the bank report, CalCal will try to keep up with the balance of each cash ‘pot’, based on the opening balance you set under account settings.

To start with, you’ll only have one cash account / pot called “Cash”. You can change its name, and add others in Bank and Cash Accounts settings.



See your expenses by month – receivable and received


See your takings by month – receivable and received

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