Release Notes

These are technical notes that might not be very helpful to you


  • Improved invoice and report download/send buttons on web
  • Improved zoom on PDF reports (interim solution)
  • Hopefully fixed saving an entry problem where the tick never apparently finished working
  • You can now type a date on daily entries screen – press on the day header bar / grey bar under the calendar
  • Fixed the + button in daily entries covering items – added more scroll space at the bottom
  • Hover over daily entries items shows action buttons
  • Fixed reports not properly syncing to selected tax year
  • Fixed the tax calculation for previous years but planning to add a breakdown of this when tapped


  • New year / month selector on web when you tap on the month at the top
  • Takings report is a prototype of things to come with the rest of the reports.
  • Daily entries will go back to your latest entry rather than ‘today’


  • fixes for assets
  • pressing tab between boxes on the web version should be better


17th Aug 2020

  • New beta feature: Bank Import! – You will find bank import in the menu, it will let you add accounts, and list the transactions there. As before you need to link each bank account to an account in CalCal to be able to import. You’ll also see importable transactions listed in Daily Entries. Tap an entry to open options. Suggestions for expense types and categories will improve over time but you can press any of the BIG buttons to do it manually.
  • Also added shortcut buttons on web/fixed left drawer menu for new taking / expense / invoice
  • Add item in invoice is more prominent. On invoice item, ‘net’ and VAT should be more sensibly located, too.


Improved HMRC authentication error on tax return submission; now includes hints similar to


3rd September 2020.

  • PDFs (VAT report, tax submission SA302, assets) now show properly on web. You can see the actual PDF and zoom, change pages, etc.
  • Settings->Expense types lets you see & edit the ‘out of VAT scope’ property of an expense category. If an expense type has this ticked, it won’t add VAT as you’re entering it. Expense types in the master list have this set by us, but now you can change your own individual categories, too
  • The customer / supplier dropdown in daily entry form will now search by display name, not just ‘person name’ of a customer or supplier. So you can search properly now by typing (minimum just 1 character)
  • Improved layout of daily entries a little
  • New expenses and takings with paid / received now default the bank account to your ‘current account’ (or whatever you’ve renamed that account to)
  • Expense report by type:
    • Allow selecting expense type by clicking pie chart.
    • Fixed tax year filter on expense list once an expense type has been selected
    • Fixed column headers ‘received’->’paid’


10 Sept 2020

  • Auto-fill invoice item price, description, etc based on ‘ref’. Just start typing the ref (eg. part number) to pull up previous matching items.
  • Keyboard navigation on web, eg: Press + or – to add expenses and takings from the dashboard and Daily Entries screens. Press + on Invoice screen to add an item. Enter and escape to save/cancel.
  • Auto-focus some entry boxes to aid with keyboard navigation
  • Resurrect demo on the web


  • Fix for keyboard navigation blocking minus figures
  • Fix for user menu overflowing on long names
  • Logout on web takes one less click
  • New customer / supplier form improvements (expandable sections more clear)
  • New pop-up breakdown of tax estimate on dashboard
  • Fix crash on Android adding expenses
  • Expense & taking report date format responds to your locale
  • Fix for scrolling on expense / takings reports on web
  • New stock screen in settings allows you to keep track of your total stock on hand, and adjusts profit & loss accordingly


  • Download VAT report fixed


20th Sept 2020

  • Bank import moved to our new supplier Plaid
  • New self-assessment submission PDF – the paper forms filled in with your answers and IRMarked similar to that provided by HMRC


  • Improvements to bank import (transactions showing in Daily Entries are easier to distinguish)
  • Ad-hoc VAT report (when not connected to MTD) easier date selection and summary removed.
  • Improvements to date selection on web
  • Take Customer Payment screen now allows custom description
  • Download Profit & Loss report. For Ltd companies, also download company report.
  • Fixed bug taking you to the People page on reload on web
  • Profit & Loss: Opening->closing stock merged into one “Change in stock level” item


  • Fix a bug in Daily Entries that made it too fussy about the order in which net / vat were entered (regression from .43)
  • Hide or shrink columns in report / bank import tables for narrow screens


Rebuild of IOS & Android apps on updated SDKs

  • Bug fix on navigation out of Change PIN screen


  • Better auto choice of paid from/to account on daily entries (for users who had changed accounts round dramatically)
  • PDF Scaling and positioning of page navigation improved
  • Allow adding of taking types in settings
  • Fix a bug creating services-only invoices
  • Improve pluralization of unit(s) in PDF invoices

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