Journal Entries / Transfers

The journal entries page lets you record when you transfer money from one account to another, like when you put your cash in the bank*.

There are a few special destinations built into your accounts, depending on whether you’re a sole trader or limited company. You will be able to transfer money into and out of your business, so the Journal Entries dialog box may include drawings, introduced capital or directors’ loans.

*In CalCal, cash is treated as a special type of account. You can even have several cash accounts, like cash in the till, cash in the safe, etc.

List of Transfers

This shows a simple list of transfers between accounts.

Recording a Transfer

Use the New Transfer button and select Account Transfer.

Simply select the from- and to- accounts.
The FROM accounts will include things like “Introduced Capital” for when you need to put personal money into your business.
The TO accounts will include things like “Drawings” for when you need to take money out of your business to a personal account.

Payments and Receipts

You can use the Journal Entries screen to record payments to / from customers and also payments to HMRC.
Select “From Debtor / Customer” or “To Creditor / Supplier” from the New Transfer button.

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