Daily Entries – Your one-stop shop

We’ve designed the Daily Entries screen to be your main port of call when adding transactions in CalCal (well, unless you’re using our super-lazy Bank Import feature!)

Yes, it’s a CALendar and a CALculator. The calendar will usually return to the date of the last entry you put in CalCal. That’s because we know many people do their accounts retrospectively: they look where they got up to last time, and start typing in their transactions since then. We really hope you don’t use CalCal like that – it’s much better when you use it live, adding things as you go along.

To get back to today’s date, there’s a simple “Today” button, or you can click the day in the calendar. Clicking the + and – red and green buttons at the top left will also open the Daily Entries page to Today.
Add your Receipts and Expenses


Insider tips:

Gone to add a transaction on the wrong day? Simply click ont the date at the top of the Add Expense / Receipt box, and you can put the transaction at another date.
Don’t know which expense type to select? A big dropdown box is horrible. You can search for an expense type in two ways. Start typing something about the expense (for example, type “paint” or “building” to be presented with Building Repairs and Maintenance) OR: click the search button and find out what you can and cannot claim as tax-deductible in our interactive list. From there, you can make your own expense types.

Don’t usually use the customers feature, but a regular promises to pay you tomorrow? Well, it’s up to you whether to trust him, but CalCal can help you! Just click the little person symbol in the Add Receipt dialog box, and you can simply type his name in there. CalCal will keep track of his debt and even send reminders if you need it to.
Want to know how much you’re earning cleaning windows, and how much from gardening? To separate out income types, revenue streams, or sources, go to Business Details -> Settings -> Edit Expense and Income Types. Add your income types there and even set monthly targets if you like.

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