Security – Keep your Accounts Safe

Here at CalCal, we have designed our systems from the ground up to look after your data.

Your connection to CalCal is encrypted at both ends and your data is stored separately from other users.

We know how your browser likes to remember your username and password - and that's fine. But nobody likes data theft. We've added a simple second layer of security with our unique PIN system. It stops 'shoulder surfing' or even if your laptop is stolen, etc. your data will still be secure.

If no keyboard strokes or mouse movement is detected for a few minutes, the screen is blurred and your chosen PIN is requested. After quickly entering this you can just carry on from where you left off.

Your 4-6 digit PIN will be set up depending on your sign-up type, and you may be sent an initial temporary PIN by SMS. You can then use your verified phone number in case you forget your PIN or need to change it.



Secure your accounts

Browser Forgot Your Password?

We know, it's the new 'dog ate my homework'. No worries, we can email you a reset link.

Even forgotten your PIN?

Hmm, we could email it to you, but where's the extra security in that?

When you sign up, we ask for your phone number. CalCal will send you an SMS Text Message with a one-time security code. Enter that and you can reset your PIN.

PC Crashed? Phone battery died?

Don't worry. CalCal saves as you go along, so no more lost work from crashes or corrupt files. CalCal also backs up constantly. If your device does die, simply log on to the service using any other one you can get your hands on, and keep enjoying CalCal's rich features as if nothing happened! It really is the safest place for your accounts to be.

CalCal, keeping your accounting simple, and secure!