CalCal helps you keep your customers organised

Easily generate and send off professional looking invoices. Unlike word processed invoices, the figures on them are used by our calculation engine. One of the many things this  enables us to do is to show you which customers have paid and how much the others owe. By doing this CalCal can help you retain customers and preserve your relationships with them.

Another advantage to using CalCal is that all the figures from all the purchases and sales you make are used to automatically calculate and submit your self-assessment right from the CalCal website! How cool is that? No longer will you have a pile of digital (or physical) papers, but an active system working for you. CalCal can even easily deal with the more complex areas of your return such as capital allowances on large purchases and the inclusion of additional income streams.

Be flexible: With CalCal you can do it all!

  • Add transactions with or without customers
  • Create new customers on-the-fly while making an invoice or a simple ‘receipt’ transaction
  • One simple screen to search for or add a customer, mark as paid, and send invoices and statements
  • No need to go from one screen to another, adding a customer, adding inventory, generating an invoice
  • No need to send an invoice? Simply enter transaction amount and how much you were paid in the Daily Entries calendar screen