A Unique Calendar that Calculates

Why are we called CalCal?

This is why. For all those expenses and simple receipts, we know you want one place to jot them down. And we know you don’t want to go setting up everything before you can record your daily dealings.With our Calculating Calendar, you can see if you’ve missed a day, and you can see how your sales are going for the month. Simply click a day, and you’ll see a list of transactions together with totals. Tap a + button and in go your figures. Simple.

Simplicity and flexibility…

  • When you sign up, we ask your business type. Whether you’re a taxi driver, florist, takeaway or architect, you’ll have a small list of expense types already there for you.
  • Spent on something new? Your personal expense categories will grow with you. Start typing the kind of expense and CalCal will search our comprehensive list of keywords to suggest the right category. Next time, it’ll be right there in the dropdown for you.
  • If you’re taxi driver, for example, it’s unlikely you record the names of all your customers. That’s fine, as long as they paid you in full, with CalCal there’s no need. In fact, for some businesses, the Customers feature is switched off by default.
  • Maybe you’re a florist and want to let a customer pay you later. Simple: Just enter the amount, type the customer’s name and CalCal will let you put it as part paid. Right there.
  • Add an address later if you want, and send them a reminder statement.

See how much tax you owe

As you go through the year, CalCal will calculate your income and how much tax you should have saved in the bank, to save you from any nasty surprises. Come April, it’s one button and your tax returns are pre-filled.

Wait, all this and it’s FREE?

Yes! Free daily accounting and transaction recording. How?At the end of the tax year, CalCal will have all the info it needs to fill out your tax return. No only that: CalCal submits straight to HMRC so all you need to do is add your UTR, some personal info, check it through and away it goes. Self-assessment tax return submission is included on our incredibly cost-effective Unlimited and Premium plans – giving you extra features like unlimited invoices and customers, as well as your tax return.

Simple free accounting

We empower you to do your accounting for yourself, without needing to know any accounting jargon. This can cut your costs and save you money. The tasks your accountant would do are broken down into bite size amounts just the way you like it. Just jot down your daily dealings using the Calendar based system. It is very intuitive and everything is always in one place. It’s really that simple.You will always know where you’re up to and what your business is up to too. This is the real power of doing your accounts yourself using CalCal. The levels of motivation you can gain from seeing up-to-the-minute financial data is second to none, helping you streamline the business decisions you make every day.