Some of CalCal’s Features

Simple Online Accounting for UK Small Businesses

Your Customers

Automatically generate and email professional invoices. Track debtors and send them reminder statements


No need to know any accounting jargon. Simply jot down figures on the calculating calendar

Adaptable & Secure

Only make a customer / invoice / supplier if you need one - CalCal is flexible and adapts to your business. Your data is encrypted and PIN protected

Tax and Business Reports

Quickly review your cash flow and tax positions with simple charts. Submit your tax return straight from the app!


Easily generate and email professional invoices.

Track customer debts. Send statements.

Pre-filled Self-Assessment

For sole traders: CalCal will pre-fill your self-assessment.

Send your return in a few clicks.

Bank Import

Drag and drop transactions from your bank account to CalCal.

Daily update of new bank transactions.

For Sole Traders and Limited Companies

Going it solo, or trading as a company? CalCal works for both. Sole traders will get a estimation of their self-assessment tax & NIC, and Limited Companies will get an estimation of their corporation tax, throughout the year.

Assets & Capital Allowances

Claim allowances against things you buy for your business, like tools, equipment or a van.

CalCal will automatically take what you’re allowed off your tax bill.


Simple and effective charts. Quickly review your tax position.

Detailed PDF reports of profit & loss, trial balance and VAT – you’re in control of your business.

VAT Returns

Just enter your transactions – CalCal keeps track of how much VAT you owe / reclaim.

Submit your return simply with the click of a button, get immediate confirmation of your scheduled pay.

Get started for FREE

Compare plans now, and get started managing your accounts easily!

Calendar Based Interface

No need to know any accounting jargon or make an invoice and customer for each transaction.

Just jot down your daily dealings simply on the calendar.


Connections are encrypted and PIN locked.

CalCal saves as you go along, and backs up constantly so your data is always safe.

Tailored to You

Enter your trade or business type when signing up to kick start your CalCal experience.

Personalized expense category list, features set up just for your company.